Location:  The Democratic Republic of Nepal is situated between China in North and India in south. It is a nation famous for its varied typography that includes snow capped Himalayas including Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world and the the terrain plains in its southern part.

Major occupation: Tourism for some time earlier was the backbone of Nepal’s national economy, but for over a decade now foreign employment and remittance has taken over as the largest contributing sector.

Nepalese have earned themselves a name for the gallantry and bravery they exhibited in the British and East India company during the world war – I and II. Since the early 19th century Nepalese have been recruited in the Indian and British army and their regiments are treated as the most reliable and daring till this date.

In the recent days technical schools and colleges including engineering, management, medical and specialised vocational training has produced more specialised and skilled manpower. These human resources are outsourced to various high yielding markets across the globe.

Majority of Nepal’s human resource outsourced is centred in the Middle East Region. Around 75 percent of them are concentrated in this region.

Owing to the lack of prosperous opportunity at home and the revenue that the nation gets from foreign employment, the government has adopted flexible and hasslee free procedures for outsourcing human power to third countries.

As part of its foreign employment policy, the government of Nepal has entered human resource outsourcing agreements with over four dozen countries around the globe.

  1. Latitude : 26° 22′ 30° 27′ North
  2. Longitude : 80° 4′ and 88° 12′ East


  • Area : 147,181 sq.kms.
  • Length : 885 km. (East to West)
  • Width : Non-uniform, mean width of 193 km.  (North to South)

Political System Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Population
According to census of 2001

  • Male   11563921         49.96 percent
  • Female 11587502      50.04 percent

Total       23151423          100.00 percent

Time Zone 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT