Demand For Recruitment Of Manpower From Nepal

Whatever your human resource needs, we can help. We supply a broad range of workers with many different skill sets to companies all over Saudi Arabia, middle east and rest of the world where required. Over the past years, an increasing number of employers especially from the Middle Eastern Countries, have shown interest in hiring Nepalese workers and many of them have shifted their attention concerning hiring of expatriate workers from a number of their original labour supply countries to Nepal. This change is due to various reasons, some of them are as follows:

Nepalese workers are renowned for their hard work, loyalty and high sense of responsibility and Discipline.
The employers do get the advantage of wide choice due to availability of skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers almost in all fields and vocations who are really available for immediate placement.
Procedures and formalities for host Nepalese workers for overseas employment are simple.
Nepalese workers are comparatively more cost effective and their hiring cost is lower as compared to other labour exporting countries.
Nepalese workers are experienced in working in the extreme of climatic conditions.
Nepalese workers are peace loving and extremely loyal to their employers and devotee to their duties. Nepal is situated very close to the labour importing countries and linked by air with almost all the major cities of the world.

Availability of Manpower of Different Categories in Nepal

It is for the general information of all the host companies outside Nepal, that our country has adequate number of manpower, having different skills who are ready to serve outside Nepal. If they are provided such opportunities by any host companies and placed such demand, this Capital International Manpower Consultant Pvt. Ltd is always in a position to supply the ma npower at any time on receipt of demand letter.


Capital International Manpower Consultant Pvt. Ltd has a long list of applicants interested to serve abroad in various categories, while market condition has acted favorably within the region. Nearing in mind there is a greater willingness in this country to travel abroad and impart their knowledge and experiences. Accordingly, there is excellent local response whenever Capital International Manpower Consultant Pvt. Ltd publishes advertisement in local media. Therefore, we are confident to meet all demand required by the host companies.


Every Company or Organization needs motivated, hardworking, sincere and efficient workforces for benefit of their companies and we provide such kind of manpower from human resource available in our data bank to match both the requirement of any employer and skill of the employee to utilize be for letter out come.

We have categorized the workers available in Nepal for foreign employment and classified into the groups according to the human resources available in our data bank. It provides a variety of manpower available according to the necessity of Employer Company and we further provide our prompt service to match the required work force.